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November, 26 2008: Javabean2JSON 2.0 is now in alpha testing. New features include array of arrays serialization, support for wrapped types (e.g. lava.lang.Integer), support for java.lang.Calendar, automatic stub generation for referenced classes, automatic generated code optimization, and a number of minor bugs fixed. Check it out at

November, 21 2008: updated code for the SCWS client, added documentation. See

November, 6 2008: Javabean2JSON 2.0 is going to be released as alpha version. New features include array of arrays serialization, support for wrapped types (e.g. lava.lang.Integer), automatic stub generation for referenced classes.

October, 10 2008: Test your phone battery consuption using this tool:

October, 1 2008: SMILE2.0 will support HTTP based transport. We're focusing on this topic now.

July, 10 2008: SMILE1.2se has been released, this version includes ant scripts to run the RMI binding as well as two flavours of the SIP binding (local network or Internet - Thanks to SBS); furthermore lots of improvements have been added

July, 1 2008: A fragmentation mechanism has been introduced in SMILE JSON/SIP binding to support large amount of data transfer over SIP MESSAGES.

April, 29 2008: A release of J2ME client library for the SCWS has been published under SVN:

March, 27 2008: SMILE1.0se has been updated, with several improvements! Check it out now

March, 13 2008: The MOVE client is back:

March, 11 2008: IDLight version 0.4 (formerly LightDL) has been released (

March, 06 2008: A first release of SMILE1.0 with JSON/SIP binding for J2ME has been published here

Feb, 15 2008: SCWS source code is now available here; Thanks Jeans Moeller from ORGA

Feb, 04 2008: A first release of SMILE 1.0 with JSON/SIP binding is available under /SMILE/branches/SMILE1.0-sip

Nov, 30 2007: SMILE 1.0 alpha pre-release sources are available in the repository (

Oct, 31 2007: Version 1.3alpha of MOVE application has been released.

Oct, 22 2007: SMILE core and bindings definition: A new version of SMILE for J2SE supporting both the JSON/SIP and RMI binding is available under SMILE/branches/SmileMultibinding.

Oct, 12 2007: SMILE core and bindings definition: works by SBS (SMILE XMPP binding) and ICCS (SMILE over Spring v0.2) have been uploaded in the SVN under SMILE/branches. Thanks to all contributors!

Oct, 05 2007: LightDL is a tool which translates lightDL files into HTML documentation pages, java code for SMILE and WSDL files. You can find version 0.1 under the "lightDL" folder. Current only support for HTML generation (option -h) has been provided. More info

Aug, 6 2007: Stefano gives the great news: MOVE (Mobile Open & Very easy), the first prototype of the SMS client, version 1.1 alpha, is now available for download. See (

Mar, 29 2007: A small bug has been fixed in the current working version of SMILE (0.2) available under /SMILE/trunk/

Mar, 26 2007: Yiannis released a version of SMILE running using the Spring framework. You may find it under /SMILE/branches/SpringSmile. Thanks Yiannis!

Mar, 13 2007: Useful MIDP benchmark page (external link) and also

Feb, 26 2007: A new release of SMILE! (smile0.2) is available, please update your SVN!

Feb, 21 2007: Work in progress to add new features, stay tuned!

Feb, 12 2007: First release of SMILE (v0.1) sources

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