HowTo use the PseudonymManager

The PseudonymManager runs on Linux or Mac OS X

Compile the sources

To test the software checkout the code.

svn co SPARTA

The code depends on the following UNIX libraries

OpenSSL (latest) LibXML2 MySQL5

On MAC OS X use DarwinPorts to instally the necessary packages.

sudo port install openssl
sudo port install libxml
sudo port install libxml2
sudo port install mysql5

On Linux follow the instructions of your Linux Distribution

On MAC OS X you may also use Fink if you like it better, but the you will have to adjust the make file.

First Compile the SpartaLibrary, you can find how at BuildLibrary page.

To compile the PseudonymManager just type make in the PseudonymManager folder.

To compile the PseudonymManager just type


This will create a tar.bz2 Package with the PseudonymManager and the GUI.

The JavaPseudonymManager is the Graphical Frontend of the PseudonymManager and you can edit and compile it with NetBeans

Binary Download

If you don't wish to compile go to BinaryPackages

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