Hello, welcome to the SPARTA online demo.

  1. Visit and register to out Demo Service Provider who is offering pseudonimized access for services.

At the end of this step you should possess a self-generated private key (user.key) and a Service Provider generated certificate (Surname.Name.UserCertificate.pem).

  1. Now use your User Certificate to obtain a Pseudonym. Download from BinaryPackages the PseudonymManager? and contact out demo IR
    • Consult UsersDocumentation at this point to use the PseudonymManager
    • Contact the saverioIR to obtain a pseudonym
      • IP Address:
      • Port: 6000
    • Select the user certificate obtained in step 1, the corresponding private key and generate a new private key (mynewkey.key) for the pseudonym

At the end of this step you should obtain a pseudonym certificate (token.pem)

  1. Register to the Bank to obtain a bank account

At the end of this step you should obtain a grant certificate (Surname.Name.GrantCertificate.pem) from the bank, with the corresponding private key being "GrantCertPrivate.key".

  1. Contact the AS to obtain a cashcard
    • IP Address:
    • Port: 6001
    • Select the Grant Certificate obtained from the Bank on step 3 and the corresponding private key
    • Insert the name of the new cashcard key to be generated, for example "mynewaskey.key", and click on the "generate" button

At the end of this step you should obtain a Cash Card certificate (cashcard.pem)

  1. Download the certificate testingservice.pem that is a unique identifier for the demo service
  1. Then contact again the SP for your marked-blind-signed Service Credential (choose "Blind Signature" on the pseudonym manager)
    • IP Address:
    • Port 9000
    • Choose user certificate and key obtained in step 1
    • Choose service certificate obtained in step 5
    • Choose the cashcard certificate obtained in step 4 as the certificate to be marked-blind-signed and its corresponding private key

You should obtain an authorization (testingservice.auth) file

  1. Import p12 files into the Browser. On firefox: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates
  1. To log in to service
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