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Deploy a bootstrap node

The bootstrap node needs tincd OLSRd and rsync running

You need to be root

Create the folders:


Copy in bin the binary files and in lib the olsrd libs for the plugins

tincd config

Use the following /fairvpn/tinc.conf

Name bootnode
Mode = switch
TunnelServer = yes

and /fairvpn/tinc-up (note: must be executable)

ip link set up dev tap0
ip a a dev tap0 broadcast

Adjust the overlay IP address if needed

Create the file /fairvpn/hosts/bootnode and type in:

Address youripaddressunderlay

Make sure the file /fairvpn/ is executable

Create the file /fairvpn/host-up and type in:

echo "Address = "$REMOTEADDRESS > /fairvpn/hosts/$NODE

OLSRd bootstrap node

Here the config file /fairvpn/olsrd.conf

DebugLevel      0
IpVersion       4
MprCoverage   7




LinkQualityFishEye      0

LoadPlugin         "/fairvpn/lib/"
        PlParam     "accept" ""

LoadPlugin "/fairvpn/lib/"
    PlParam     "Net"    ""

LoadPlugin "/fairvpn/lib/"
    PlParam     "Accept"   ""

LoadPlugin "/fairvpn/lib/"
	PlParam "name" "bootnode"
  	PlParam "hosts-file" "/fairvpn/hosts/nodes"
  	PlParam "resolv-file" "/etc/resolv.conf"
	PlParam "interval" "10"
        PlParam "name-change-script" "python /fairvpn/"


Interface "tap0"
LinkQualityMult default 0.989

Rsync on bootstrap node

Create the following /fairvpn/rsyncd.conf file

pid file = /var/run/
use chroot = yes
read only = yes

        comment = fairvpn
        path = /fairvpn/hosts
        read only = yes
        list = yes
        uid = nobody

Start the bootstrap node


rm /fairvpn/hosts/nodes
touch /fairvpn/hosts/nodes
/fairvpn/bin/rsync --daemon --config=/fairvpn/rsyncd.conf
/fairvpn/bin/olsrd -f /fairvpn/olsrd.conf
/fairvpn/bin/tincd --bypass-security --config=. -K -d2 -D<<EOF

/fairvpn/bin/tincd --bypass-security --config=. -d2 -D
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